Friday, July 22, 2011

DIY: Kid's Stage

My 6 year old son, Grant, loves music and theater. He told me recently that he wanted a "rock star" room. Of course, it doesn't take much to get me to redesign a room, so I went to work. Both he and my 3 year old love pretending to be in a band and putting on shows, so I decided to build a stage.
Since I'm not a carpenter, I spent a long time thinking of how I was going to pull this off relatively easily. I decided to use old pallets - the perfect platform!

I used two pallets and covered each of them with pieces of plywood.

I then covered them with an inexpensive gray indooor/outdoor rug from Home Depot.

They loved it, but of course, the stage definitely needed something more. I had left over burlap fabric that I patchworked together in a triangle shape and hung it from the
ceiling above the stage.

Honestly, my boys would have been very content at this point, but I wasn't. I didn't want to hang a stage curtain because it wouldn't have lasted long with two rambunctious boys around. I decided instead to paint the remainder of the stage on the wall. I taped off the areas and painted in several stages.

I used black chalkboard paint at the top as a marquee and "behind" the curtains...that way, the boys can write the name of their show and draw in their backdrop.

After I completed this, I decided to add the vertical marquee surrounded by DIY "lights". I cut ping pong balls in half, hot glued in wet floral foam and topped each with a small piece of paper. I then used Command poster strips to hang them. None of them have come off yet...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Here is the completed stage!

My boys love the stage! They had friends over recently, and when I asked them what the name of their show was, they replied, "Rockers of Death." Uh, yeah...

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  1. That is AWE-to the SOME! Great job Momma. I too need little nudging to rock out a boy's dream room. Working on my 9 y/o's stone-room right now. "Rockers of Death" - hahahahahaha Pop by sometime :) - Dharma

    Over from the Picket Fence

  2. Thanks Dharma! Boys are so fun, aren't they? ;)

  3. My girls would die to have something like this! Two thumbs up! I saw you at Truly Lovely's blog hop, and am now following you. Have a good one!

  4. Ok...that is SERIOUSLY COOL! What an absolutely fantastic idea and totally something your boys will use for a long time. I'm thinking yours will be the "hang out" house! :-) I am so glad you found our Inspiration Friday party and linked this up and we hope to see much more of you in the future!
    P.S. Just saw your Oregon posts...I live in Salem! Isn't the Willamette Valley beautiful? :-)

  5. Thank you! Vanessa, Yes, we visited your beautiful state a few weeks ago and had a great time! Loved the 70ish temp up there (it's over 100 here)!!

  6. headbangers just like their momma!

  7. Hi Kricia! Just wanted to let you know we will be featuring your rock star stage at Inspiration Friday this week! Post will go up this afternoon. Feel free to grab the I've Been Featured button from our sidebar and thank you again for sharing this awesome project with us!


  8. I had a crazy idea to make a stage for my daughter when we redo her room and I thought a pallet would be great, and then when researching I found your blog and It solidifies my idea! thanks!!

  9. Thanks Lisa! I would love to see a pic of your stage when you're finished with it!

  10. Love this!!! Your blog is so inspiring! Keep it up!